Textual Analysis and Critique: Beatitude and Evil in Summa Theologiae by Thomas Aquinas

The concept of moral philosophy ad preponed by Thomas Aquinas brings together aspects of Christian theology and those of Aristotelian eudemonism. Aquinas affirms Aristotle’s thinking that acts are good or bad depending on whether they promote or undermine the ability of human beings to achieve a proper end or the final aims which all human Read More


1.    What was the study’s purpose? The study evaluated the specificity and effectiveness of the Penn Resiliency Program. 2.    Was there a sufficient amount of literature reviewed? Was a theoretical background offered? If so, please describe the theoretical background. A relatively sufficient literature was reviewed with the author pointing out the flaws in each article Read More

Fieldwork Essay

It was on a Tuesday midday when we entered Kentucky Fried Chicken, K.F.C, to have lunch with my friend Craig. The restaurant is located at 11sth Street, Coffeyville with a comforting oasis in South East Kansas. We had spicy crispy chicken as we chatted about the upcoming Champions League football fixtures. After the meal, which Read More