Malsis’ academic teachers are well qualified and experienced and are dedicated to getting the best from each of their pupils. They use a full range of dynamic teaching styles as well as the extensive grounds and wide range of facilities to teach a creative curriculum. Class sizes are kept small so that each child can be taught as an individual – a principle that is engrained in every aspect of school life. Our aim is to prepare Malsis girls and boys for Common Entrance Examinations or for scholarships to top senior public schools around the country, or for entrance examinations to local grammar schools.

The curriculum is broad and enriching. Children learn French and take part in dedicated Drama lessons from Reception to Year 8. They begin Latin from Year 5. Children in Years 3, 4 and 5 have cookery lessons in a wonderful cookery room and also have physical education lessons, in addition to games sessions five times a week. Children also have literature and English language lessons. Some of our teachers are experienced writers, who worked in various custom writing companies.

The teaching day stretches from 8.50am to 6.15pm and this allows us great flexibility to include periods of enrichment time into the school day. Enrichment time may include subject specific input, drama rehearsals, additional literacy, music theory lessons, ball skills, Blue Peter Club, Arts and Crafts and scholarship lessons depending on the age group and the requirements of the children.

Our timetabling system allows us to enhance the learning of those who need support and to stretch those that need to be challenged.

Malsis classrooms are vibrant and colourful but extensive use is also made of the beautiful wooded grounds to embed understanding of classroom theory – with a great deal of fun thrown in! Lessons are further brought to life with exciting trips designed to enthuse: a week-long stay in a French Chateau, The Royal Armouries in Leeds, a night on board the Golden Hind in London, The Jorvic (Viking) Centre in York and the world class geology of nearby Malham Cove.

Dedicated tutors look after the pastoral and academic progress of a small group of children from the beginnings of their time at Malsis, which means that they really can get to know one another well and can offer the best support and guidance as they move up the school.

The academic results speak for themselves with a very high proportion of children achieving scholarships to renowned public schools or coveted Grammar School places.

The Headmaster spends a good deal of time visiting schools and with his in-depth knowledge of your child he can help recommend the right next step.