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Founded by Alex and Lauren (a former personal trainer and CPA), in 2018 they earned over 1.66 million with a little less than $600,000 in expenses putting their blogs at over the million dollar mark in revenues.

How to Quit Your Job - Problogger

How to Make Money Blogging: Your FREE Guide for 2022

1. Online Courses and Workshops

Here at Smart Blogger, we make most of our income from online courses and workshops — over 800 million per year — but we are far from the only successful blog doing this. Most of the people making a lot of money from their blogs are doing it through online courses.

Ramit Sethi - Premium Courses

And it’s not only business or wealth-focused topics that are doing well. You can find successful blogs on just about any topic or niche monetizing with online courses. For instance, the popular interior designer Maria Killam has quite a few courses and workshops in her catalog:

Maria Killam - Courses and Workshops

2. Books and Ebooks

Quite a few writers have parlayed their blogging success into a major publishing deal. Mark Manson, for instance, published a blog post called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck in 2015. Millions of readers later, he got a book deal with Harper Collins and went on to sell over 3,000,000 copies in the US alone.

Mark Manson - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

James Altucher - Choose Yourself

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you’d like to create some passive income streams from your blog, one of the best choices is affiliate marketing — recommending the services, digital products, and physical products of other companies in exchange for a commission.

Digital Photography School - Amazon Affiliates

4. Advertising

Normally, we’re not big fans of selling ads on your site as a monetization strategy. You need roughly a million visitors per year for the large ad networks to take you seriously, and affiliate marketing is almost always more profitable and just as passive.

That being said, some niches like recipes, fashion, and news are hard to monetize through many of the other methods mentioned here, and they get LOTS of page views. In that case, putting a few banner ads on your site can make sense as a supplementary income source.

Share the Yummy - Income Report

5. Speaking Gigs

If your blog takes off, and you start being recognized as an authority in your space, you might be surprised by how many invitations you get to speak at conferences. And it’s amazingly profitable. I typically make a minimum of $10,000 per speech and it can go as high as $100,000 when you count product sales resulting from the speech.

Ryan Deiss Testimonial

6. Consulting/Coaching

While this certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, doing a bit of coaching or consulting is an online job that can earn you a surprisingly nice living, even when your audience is small. I rarely do consulting anymore, but the last time I did regularly, I charged 800,000 an hour with a six-month waiting list.

Maria Killam - Consultations

7. Selling Freelance Services

Typically, you’ll make more money freelancing than with anything else, but it’s also the most draining and time-intensive. That being said, I’ve seen bloggers make six-figure incomes with no more than a few thousand readers on their blog, essentially using their blog as a lead mechanism to get clients.

Elna Cain - Freelance writing services

What Are The Most Profitable Blogging Niches in 2022?

Many highest paid bloggers tend to theme their blogs according to a niche that they are most passionate about. It can range from cooking and lifestyle to a more committed area like traveling and parenting.

Blogging niches that make the most money for bloggers

1. How to Make Money Online with A Personal Finance Blog

A personal finance blog can yield up to $200,000 a month. This is a big jump from a desk job, and it has a vast potential for growth. You can make money in this niche through sponsorships, ads (23%), affiliate marketing, selling your digital products and online courses.

How personal finance blogs earn money online

Competitors In The Finance Niche

What is the Skill Set Required for the Finance Niche?

More importantly, you must learn how to feed financial terminology and strategies to manage money in a simple manner, which the reader will understand. Not everyone is a financial expert out there, and that is why they need your help. So, keep your blog user-friendly and easy to understand.

2. Improve your Quality of Life Through Lifestyle Blogging

Lifestyle blogging covers all aspects of living life and the ongoings in your life. You should know that you’d be opening a gate to writing about numerous topics that may seem monotonous but are rather important.

How lifestyle blogs make money online

What is the Skill Set Required for the Lifestyle Niche?

Secret Recipe for Success

What blog niches earn the most from affiliate marketing

3. Tech is Here to Revolutionize Modern Blogging Experience

What Things To Do To Grow A Successful Blog in Niche Tech Towards $20,000 or More

4. Gaining Bucks Through Health and Fitness Blogging

Therefore, this niche is a very successful field to be in a while blogging. In this field of blog writing, there are multiple sub-niches out of which writing about celebrity fitness routines and how new moms can get back into shape are at the top of the list.

On these topics, you can earn up to $20,000 a month. You must be wondering how people make that much by just writing, well, that is not the only thing they do. This field allows you to diversify into various projects that will bring in more revenue.

How health & fitness blogs make money online

What is the Skill Set Required for the Health and Fitness Niche?

5. Travel Your Way To Success Through Travel Blogs

More and more travel bloggers are getting sponsorships from well-known brands. For example, Matt Kepnes, now has sponsors of over a million dollars with the help of launching TravelCon all because of his blog by the name of Nomadic Matt.

If accelerated growth is what you are looking for, then this is where you will fit right in. The travel bloggers mentioned above have been offered their television shows, books, product lines, and much more because of their successful blogs.

6. Growth in the Industry of Fashion Blogs

The fashion industry is already generating piles of cash, pair that with blogging, and you have got yourself an excellent niche to kick-start your blogging career with. With an investment of $300, you can earn up to $30,000 a month.

7. Climbing The Ladder to Success with Parenting Blogs

This market currently has a very influential blogger by the name of Rosemarie Groner. Her blog makes more than $86,000 a month with the help of external and internal income sources. We get into more detail about her strategies in a little while.

8. Put Your Passion for The Food To Test and Run a Successful Blog

Another successful niche to turn to while blogging is the food industry. With the correct strategy and mindset, you can potentially make up to $90,000 in a single month. For such a return, there are a few skills you must employ.

How food bloggers make money online

28+ Highest Paid Bloggers that Went From Zero to over $100k/month

Gina Horkey ($20,492/ Month)

Gina Horkey highest paid blogger


Her Awesome Journey

Over the years, she has gained knowledge from numerous fields, which include writing, marketing, and finance. Having such a diverse background has worked out well for Horkey as she is making more than $20,000 per month through her blog.

How Does She Make Money?

Why Does Her Blog Stands Out?

This young blogger has provided success stories, student income reports, and testimonials to show newcomers that what she writes will bring them success and that she can be trusted.

Holly Johnson ($21,566/ Month)

Holly Johnson highest paid blogger



How Do They Make Money?

Why The Blog Stands Out?

Brett and Kate Mckay ($33,333/ Month)

Brett and Kate Mckay highest paid bloggers


Their Journey

How Do They Make Their Money?

Why Is The Blog Successful?

Laura Vitale ($35,000/ Month)

Laura Vitale highest paid blogger



How She Makes Her Income

Why Does Her Blog Stand Out?

Yaro Starak ($40,000/ Month)

Yaro Starak highest paid blogger



Ways Through Which He Makes Money

What Makes His Blog Different?

Darren Rowse ($40,000/ Month)

Darren Rowse highest paid bollger


How Does He Earn From Blogging?

What Makes His Blog Unique?

Abby Lawson ($41,000/ Month)

Abby Lawson highest paid blogger



However, over time she saw great potential and began incorporating ways into her creative outlet to make money. Abby has managed to attract more than 30,000 people onto her Facebook page and a large amount of traffic on her blog.

How She Makes The Money That She Does?

What Makes Her Blog Successful

Trevor and Jennifer Debth ($46,000/ Month)

Trevor and Jennifer Debth highest paid bloggers


How They Make Money Through Blogs

The Point of Difference In Their Blog

Ryan Robbinson ($50,000/ Month)

Ryan Robbinson highest paid blogger



How He Makes Money?

Why Is His Blog So Popular?

Heather Armstrong ($50,000/ Month)

Heather Armstrong highest paid blogger



Her blog, by the name of Dooce, is helping Armstrong earn more than $50,000 a month. Over 19 years, Heather Armstrong’s blog has over 8.5 million readers, and it has brought many titles her way, such as the “Queen of Mommy Bloggers” by Forbes.

How Her Blog Turned Into a Money Machine

What Makes Her Work Stand Out?

She focuses on producing content that her readers will enjoy, such as details about her personal life, goals, and daily routines. She adds a touch of herself in her blogs, which people keep coming back for.

Zoe Sugg ($62,000/ Month)

Zoe Sugg highest paid blogger



How She Makes Money

What Makes Her Platform Successful?

Steve and Jennifer Chou ($80,000/ Month)

Steve and Jennifer Chou highest paid bloggers

One Common Thing Between These 22 Bloggers

Sacrifice Your Old Habits and Friends

Start Learning about Everything

Learn to Think More

Let’s be honest, it will be a while before you start making six or seven-figure income with your blog. But if you do the basics right and keep doing it for a longer period of time, it WILL happen sooner than you think.

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