Fieldwork Essay

It was on a Tuesday midday when we entered Kentucky Fried Chicken, K.F.C, to have lunch with my friend Craig. The restaurant is located at 11sth Street, Coffeyville with a comforting oasis in South East Kansas. We had spicy crispy chicken as we chatted about the upcoming Champions League football fixtures. After the meal, which was delicious, we ordered for soft drinks with each requesting for his favorite. At this point, Craig is well informed of my intention to observe the people around us. My attention is attracted to a table next to us where a family of four sat. I could tell the family was perhaps on their way and just checked in to have a fine chicken meal before they proceeded.

From their body language and talk, it was clear they had a long day of moving. The couple looked lovely, while the two kids with them greatly resembling their dad. A waitress came by and asked what she could get them. The lady responded to her by pointing at the menu cover. The waitress keenly observed and nodded in conformity as she talked along. The gentleman together with the kids had their eyes glued at the menu cover all this time. The conversation barely lasted for thirty seconds. The waitress then responded, “Thank you, mam, you will be served in a short while. You’re welcome.” She maintained eye contact with the lady who nodded with acceptance and then walked away to the counter.

I could hear the lady telling her kids that she requested their favorite chunky chicken pot pie. They smiled and almost in unison, they responded, “thank you, mom.” Their dad without uttering a word just smiled as he looked at them. As they waited, the couple conversed in low tones while in a relaxed posture. It seemed comforting for them as they calmly waited. The gentleman looked at his phone and then said they had about thirty minutes for them to get going. The frown on the lady’s face could tell she did not agree with that. Her facial expression showed they were not going to enjoy their meal in less than half an hour. No wonder she responded back by saying they only had several miles to cover and therefore no need to hurry. However, as it turned out, the gentleman smiled back clearly indicating he was messing up with her.

In a short while, the waitress was back and politely served what was ordered. However, something unexpected happened. Another attendant who was passing by them spill a drink over the edge of their table. One of the kids was lucky for the spilled drink slightly missed getting over him. The mum to the kids gave a grimace of disgust following what had just happened. She stood and got to the kid held his hand and asked if he was okay. Yes he was fine. Still standing, she engaged the attendant in an attempt to express her displeasure on the incident. She scowled defiantly attracting the attention of the customers around. Nonetheless, her husband calmed her down and asked the attendant to be more careful while moving about. The situation was well-handled by the waitress as the mess was hastily worked on.

Soon everything was calm, and the family partook their meal in a brief silence. Later on, they started talking when one KFC head waitress came and apologized. While his face expressed regret of the incident, his words conveyed the incident was unfortunate and unintended. He folded his hands to express they should feel free as they enjoyed their meal. The husband appeared grinningly contented with the sincere apologies and thanked him. Before he left, he did thumps up to the kids and said, “Enjoy.” After their meal, they soon left just as happy as they came in as if the unfortunate incident had never happened.

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